同步 (日語:同期, 英語:Synchronization) 是獵人第367話。


酷拉皮卡, 阿糸, 比爾, and 島野 search for a small insect on which to use "Little Eye", which earns the curiosity of 酒田 and 斯拉卡. However, their search is cut short when 馬奧爾 arrives. Agreeing to divulge the nature of 念能力, Kurapika has the guards and Oito convene in the back room so that Bill and Shimano can continue their search. When pressed to explain why he moved rooms, Kurapika lies and says that it was to reduce Oito's stress. Kurapika explains how the Princes acquired Nen via the initiation, and the result was a protective force. Oito notices a cockroach on the chandelier and stares at it, drawing everyone else's attention to it. Kurapika, needing to activate the ability on the cockroach immediately, deceives the guards by pretending to showcase the capabilities of Nen. Bill quickly catches onto Kurapika's ploy and pretends to shoot aura at the cockroach as Oito activates her ability. Oito requests to rest, which allows her to control the cockroach without being noticed. Bill commands the cockroach to move in specific ways to prove that Nen was controlling it. Kurapika asks 巴比瑪茵那 to confirm the accuracy of his lesson, and Babimyna agrees. Kurapika tells the guards that they would be able to learn the basics in 2 weeks, allowing them to survive a Nen battle. Babimyna notices that Bill released the cockroach through a vent, and using his En, deduces that the cockroach is being used for surveillance. The cockroach enters 瑪拉亞姆 room, and Oito sees Marayam, his 瑟望奇, 哈斯多, and his Nen beast: a dragon.


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