風月·回可羅(日語:フウゲツ=ホイコーロ;英語:Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou)又譯蓋芙茨·回鍋肉,是《獵人》中的角色卡金帝國的第十一王子,女性,母親為賽珂。喜歡園藝。和第十王子是同母姊妹。

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Fugetsu is a beautiful girl with dark hair. Her expression is rather serious when she is doing ikebana on her initial appearance. However, during the celebration before the departure to the 暗黑大陸, she looks rather genial as she is enjoying the celebration and chatting with other important guests.


Fugetsu appears to be a bit timid.[1] She seems to be on very friendly terms with her sister Kacho. Unlike her, she is unable to transition from a superficial to a more serious persona, and was astounded when Kacho asked her to form an alliance to take out their other siblings.[1] She is also less flashy and more composed. Fugetsu seems not to like the perspective of the succession war. She enjoys ikebana.[2]

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暗黑大陸篇 編輯

She is the only one among the younger princes who does not hire people openly via website.[3] She and her biological sister attend the celebration before the departure alongside the other princes. She and her sister are holding their hands and gleefully waving to the people, both of them are wearing similar black formal dresses. She is again seen with her sister during the party with the important guests where she is chatting with other guests.[4] The next day, after another party, she accompanies Kacho to a guarded corridor, where her sister suggests the two of them form an alliance. Fugetsu is astonished and remains silent, which Kacho takes to mean she has accepted.[1]


作為下位的王子,茲貝帕。認為她缺乏實質的政治權力。 [5]


像其他的兄弟姊妹一樣,透過壺中卵儀式,獲得守護靈獸保護他。[2] 但作為寄生型的能力,他無法控制它,守護靈獸需遵守兩個規則:不能互相攻擊,且不能攻擊其他守護靈獸的主人。[5] 其念獸樣貌目前還不知道。

軼事 編輯

  • "Kachou Fuugetsu" (花鳥風月) is a Japanese saying that means "Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon". It is in invitation to behold the wonders of nature and, in doing so, learn about oneself. Coincidentally, Fugetsu's first appearance shows her doing ikebana or gardening.

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